About Newton’s Grove School

Newton’s Grove celebrates the individual. Our programs enable students to achieve personal excellence academically, artistically, athletically and socially. Our curriculum is tailored to students’ needs and exceeds Ministry of Educations standards.

Reason. Respect. Responsibility. Beyond reading, writing and arithmetic

The Newton’s Grove three Rs:

Reason  Our inquiry-based programs emphasize critical thinking and creative approaches. We engage our students intellectually and expect them to apply their knowledge in original ways. Our students are challenged to look at the world through different lenses and to see solutions where others see problems. As a result, our students learn to think for themselves.

Respect  As a caring community of teachers, parents and students, we strive to instill fairness, courtesy and kindness into all of our interactions. Every member of our community is valued, and we celebrate our rich diversity in race, culture and religion. Respect is the quality that characterizes our students as the model citizens they are.

Responsibility  Our students are given responsibility for homework, for studying, and for preparing assignments to the best of their ability. They are encouraged to speak up and take responsibility for their own issues as well as to be advocates for others. Our students learn that when they assume responsibility for those around them then they have embraced the most essential quality of leadership.

The Newton’s Grove motto Reason Respect Responsibility

Students speak: in their own words

At Newton’s Grove School, we grow students through a culture of reason, respect and responsibility. We know our philosophy is working – because we can hear it in the way our students talk about their school.

“Without [Newton’s Grove School] shaping my personality, I don’t think I would have gotten the success I do have. I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am today.”

— Kelvin Ramlochan

“Everything we do somehow benefits us. There are so many different components and when you put it all together, [Newton’s Grove School] makes the ideal school.”

— Amrita Sidhu

We're Here: a bright new space for bright young minds

On our fortieth anniversary, we moved into our new permanent home at 6850 Goreway Drive. Our school is designed to engage students, welcoming them into a bright, modern, inspiring space. The central atrium has living trees and student gardens, ones they can plant, care for, and even harvest. Every classroom has robust fibre-optic connections, available wi-fi, and the infrastructure to support innovative teaching. Our fully equipped science labs, computer labs, and learning commons encourage our students’ exploration of STEM. The visual arts room, the drama room and stage, the music room which houses our signature instrumental music program, all showcase our outstanding programming in arts. This is a place where students can grow.

Paul Coffey Park wraps around our campus, giving us access to green space unrivalled in the GTA. Our students enjoy over 100 acres of fields, playgrounds, and trails, with softball stadiums, soccer pitches, tennis courts and even a cricket pitch right in our backyard. Students are supervised as they relax and play in the park throughout the seasons. Field studies, nature hikes, fitness runs, and a wide range of athletic activities are all part of our outdoor programming, with the capacity to do even more. This natural, healthy environment is what Newton’s Grove students experience every day. 

We’re now accepting Registrations for the 2018/19 school year.

Newton’s Grove School staff: sowing seeds and nurturing growth

Our teachers are the connection between the curriculum we’ve developed and the love of learning fostered in your child. They are the difference makers. Our teachers are the people your children will value and remember most. At Newton’s Grove School, our focus is on developing well-rounded students, so our teachers come from a broad range of disciplines and fields of expertise. They also bring a passion for sharing and nurturing growth.  Our teachers ensure that their students have the grounding in the fundamentals and the higher-order thinking skills to excel in the next phase of their education.