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U10 Floor Hockey Champs

Congratulations to our U10 Floor Hockey team. They went undefeated and won the championship.Great group effort! Thank you to Mr. P and Ms. M for coaching.

U14 Boy's Basketball Tournament

The boys basketball team (wearing white) competed at Mentor College on Friday, February 9th. The boys continued to improve and lost in the semi-finals game, coming in 4th. Well done, U14 players! 

U14 Girl's Basketball

The girls basketball team competed at Oakville Christian School on Thursday, February 8th. The team played hard and continued to improve each game. The girls finished in 4th place.Thank you to our wonderful coaches Mr. Penner and Miss Cullum. 

Volleyball Victory!

The senior girls’ volleyball team faced North Toronto Christian School yesterday and swept another 3-0 victory. The player of the game was Emily with seven consecutive serves and outstanding second effort to help her team with the victories. Way to go, Knights! Thank you to coaches Ms. M and Ms. C for your leadership and our wonderful photography student, Cameron!

Swimming Lessons

The Primary Division went for their first of five swimming sessions at the Malton Community Centre today. The SKs made a splash and can’t wait to go back next Thursday!

Ultimate Frisbee

Newton's Grove senior students competed in the U 20 co-ed ultimate frisbee tournament. The weather was hot and the students battled for an impressive third place finish overall. Thank you to all of the players and to our wonderful coaches Mr.Roberts and Ms Hewitt

Newton's Grove's Athletic Banquet 2017

Congratulations to all of the wonderfully talented Newton's Grove Knights who were awarded metals and plaques that highlighted some of their athletic achievements! 
Last night, Newton's Grove had the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of its athletes from their sportsmanship to their athleticism. Congratulations once more to the Newton's Grove Knights, your community is supportive and in awe of your talents. 

And welcome back to some of our alumni! We look forward to seeing more of you in the future. 

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Enhancing the Elementary Physical Education Program with Swim Programming

Newton's Grove is dedicated to ensuring that every student is exposed to a variety of academic and athletic activities. With that, our elementary students participate in swimming lessons throughout the Spring where they are provided with lessons from trained instructors. 

Have a look at how our students are developing essential skills through robust physical education programming.

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Newton's Grove is SSAF Volleyball Champions!

Congratulations to our U20 girls volleyball team! They are the SSAF champions!!! Congratulations ladies, your early morning practices and hard work definately paid off. Your coaches and our entire Newton's Grove community is proud of you. 


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Newton's Grove visited Milton's Mattamy National Cycling Centre

Newton's Grove educates students on the importance of physical education. However, we don't just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk... or cycle...

Recently, Newton's Grove visited Milton's Mattamy National Cycling Centre to expose students to some physical activity options during the coldest months of the year. At Velodrome students participated in indoor cycling and had a phenomenal time. 

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