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Enhancing the Elementary Physical Education Program with Swim Programming

Newton's Grove is dedicated to ensuring that every student is exposed to a variety of academic and athletic activities. With that, our elementary students participate in swimming lessons throughout the Spring where they are provided with lessons from trained instructors. 

Have a look at how our students are developing essential skills through robust physical education programming.

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Newton's Grove is SSAF Volleyball Champions!

Congratulations to our U20 girls volleyball team! They are the SSAF champions!!! Congratulations ladies, your early morning practices and hard work definately paid off. Your coaches and our entire Newton's Grove community is proud of you. 


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Newton's Grove visited Milton's Mattamy National Cycling Centre

Newton's Grove educates students on the importance of physical education. However, we don't just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk... or cycle...

Recently, Newton's Grove visited Milton's Mattamy National Cycling Centre to expose students to some physical activity options during the coldest months of the year. At Velodrome students participated in indoor cycling and had a phenomenal time. 

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Enhancing Elementary Physical Education Programming with Ice Skating

Newton’s Grove strives to ensure that every student is exposed to a variety of academic, athletic and artistic experiences. Every year the Primary and Junior Divisions participate in a variety of physical activities as a division. 

One of these activities includes ice skating. Students have the opportunity to participate in group skating lessons as well as free skate. This provides students with opportunities to develop a love for a variety of physical activities. This skating season has now wrapped up… have a look as the students enjoy the physical activities with their friends. #education 

Newton's Grove at the ACC!

Today, our high school students visited the ACC to watch the Toronto Raptors play against the Pelicans. Go Raptors go! 

Newton’s Grove provides students with opportunities to develop their sense of community and love of sport both inside and out of the building.

Newton's Grov develops the whole child!

Newton's Grove's robust academic program is supported by an equally comprehensive physical education program. Throughout the year, and in addition to scheduled physical education classes, students participate in a number of additional training programs that include sports such as ice skating and swimming. Newton's Grove supports the exploration of sport and the physical fitness of its students.

In the winter, students in the Primary and Junior Divisions attend weekly skating skills development classes. Newton's Grove supports the development of the whole student. 

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Under 14 volleyball CHAMPIONS

Congratulations is in order for our under 14 volleyball CHAMPIONS! 

Congratulations Newton's Grove on a fantastic tournament; your teamwork, sportsmanship and skills were noteworthy. And thank you to our coaches, whose dedication to this team was instrumental to their development and success as athletes. 

Newton's Grove celebrates every student and empowers them all to achieve their personal best. Congratulations once more to Newton's Grove under 14 volleyball champions! Well done!

Senior Girls Volleyball team! Celebrating success!

Congratulations on making the playoffs! 

Newton’s Grove’s Senior Girls Basketball team has made the playoffs! Congratulations ladies, on a strong season so far and your record of 3W-1L.

Congratulations Newton's Grove! We placed 3rd in the U14 Frisbee tournament!

Congratulations goes to Newton's Grove's U14 Frisbee team! They placed third in the tournament! Well done!

Congratulations Newton's Grove!

Our U14 Boys Soccer team is the U14 PSAA Champions! Congratulations boys are a tremendous day and your tremendous success! Keep them coming!

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