Newton’s Grove School news: April 2015

Last spirit event of the year

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the school year comes to an end, Athletic Council and WINGS have decided to come together to create one last Spirit Event. We will be hosting this joint venture which will feature activities run by Athletic Council and WINGS.  

On May 1, students will be assigned to a team and part of their afternoon will be spent participating in athletic challenges and part of their afternoon will also be spent participating in The Milkbag Project. WINGS will be collecting milk bags over the course of the next month for this project. Students will cut these bags into strips about an inch wide, tie them together, and roll them into a yarn ball. This yarn ball will be crocheted into mattresses for developing countries. They are also used to substitute bubble wrap during transportation, minimizing the cost.

WINGS requests parents to collect milk bags and send them to school with their children for this project. A box will be placed in the school’s foyer for your convenience. Students will be allowed to come to school in their athletic clothes for the Spirit Event. 

We look forward to your support and participation in this last Spirit Event of the 2014-2015 school year. 

Thank you,

Nikita Thakkar Keren Mann

President of WINGS Athletic Council President 

Mad Scientists

On Tuesday March 24th, the Grade 4 class enjoyed a workshop presented by Mad Science to complement their science unit on Rocks and Minerals. The children tested the hardness of minerals, panned for gems, created volcanoes and learned about the different types of rocks. 

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