Newton’s Grove School news: May 2015

You Be the Chemist!

On Thursday, April 30th, four intermediate students participated in the You Be the Chemist Challenge Canada held at the Humber College North Campus.  This academic competition inspires the youth of today to pursue a future in the science of Chemistry while enhancing their science education through exciting experiments and chemistry competitions.  Mrs. Little was very proud of the students and thoroughly enjoyed the day with them.  Congratulations to Tony Chung, Louis Gong, Nikhil Iyer, and especially Matthew Advani for placing 3rd overall.  A special thank you to Mrs. Advani and Mrs. Iyer for attending the competition and supporting our students.

A day at the theatre

The Grade 9s went to see the classical theatre project’s production of Macbeth. It was a dramatic journey into the mind of Shakespeare!

A trip back in time

On March 5th the Grade 4 class had a wonderful day at Medieval Times cheering their knights on to victory. The trip surely helped bring their Social Studies unit to life!

Crawford Lake

The Grade 5 and 6’s had an action filled visit to Crawford Lake, on Wednesday, April 22nd.  Despite the cold weather, students were very excited to learn about how the Aboriginal people lived off the land. They also learned various legends about Crawford Lake and saw how multiple families lived in long houses.

Art Workshop

On Monday, April 27th The Grade 1, 2 and 3 students visited the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga to participate in an art workshop. The Grades 1 &2 class enjoyed a hands-on workshop entitled Story Art, in which they made pictures using sand and their creativity. The Grade 3 class had fun participating in the Relief Sculptures workshop, in which they made 3D pictures using cardboard and then they enjoyed painting their creations.  The students had a chance to express their creativity and learn a lot about different forms of art!

Daily Bread Food Bank

The Intermediate Division showed their giving spirit and enthusiasm throughout their visit to the Daily Bread Food Bank on Thursday, April 23rd.  Staff at the food bank and the Intermediate teachers were exceptionally proud of the students’ hard work.  We were told the students set a record for packing the most boxes, and that their record may never be broken!  Congratulations, students on an impressive day of showing how wonderful you truly are!

Swimming lessons

On Friday, April 24th, the kids in Kindergarten through Grade 6 began their weekly swimming lessons at the Elm’s Pool. Everyone had a wonderful time. The PreK’s and JK’s loved the water!!

Kortright Centre sugar bush

On April 1st the Kindergarten classes visited the Kortright Centre to learn all about how sap is collected from maple trees and how maple syrup is made. They had a wonderful day in the Sugar Bush!

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