Newton’s Grove School news: February 2016

Looking into the Secondary School!

Dear Newton’s Grove Families,

The heart of Newton’s Grove has always resided in the idea of a community, one comprised of caring teachers, supportive student families, and visionary administrators. Our rich history reflects a shared commitment to the common goal of student success, and I anticipate a future in which the bonds supporting that goal both grow and strengthen. We have always been a student-focused school. What that means is that each student is valued, nurtured and inspired to dream. As a principal, my role is as a facilitator within our administrative team, supporting our teachers and acting as a liaison with our parents and the Ministry of Education. My direct responsibilities include the expansion of our academic curricula while raising our already high standards, increasing the range of courses offered, integrating our new programs, and furthering our involvement in the AP program.

Our new facilities alongside Wildwood Park offer unprecedented opportunities for growth. With state-of-the-art science and computer labs, I expect to see even greater emphasis on the sciences and technology. Hard-wired classrooms will give us the capacity to adapt and evolve throughout the twenty-first century, keeping us on the cutting edge as the future becomes the present. I envision an increase in the scope of our arts and humanities programs, building on the strong base we have already established in music, drama, and visual art. I expect our resource centre and library will become a much-used hub for students engaged in research and study. Our new facilities and partnership with SMASH will allow us to build new relationships and expand the reach of our community. My role in that future is ensuring that our commitment to each student’s success is what drives all our innovation and growth.


Mr. Edwards and the Secondary School

Open House and Science Fair Exhibition

This Saturday is our Open House and Science Fair exhibition, and I would like to invite all of you to attend. The Science Fair is a highlight of the year, and it is always amazing to see the depth and complexity of the projects at all levels. As a school committed to academic excellence, it is exciting to see what our inquiring young scientific minds can come up with. 

Open House is also an ideal opportunity for our present families to talk to teachers from all divisions. We are all here, and we are eager to share our visions of the future. At this pivotal time in our history, I invite you to talk to Mr. Edwards about our high school program, or to Mrs. Dix about our Primary, Junior and Intermediate programs. Each division is unique, and I encourage you to discover first-hand what makes Newton’s Grove special. 

I look forward to seeing all of you this Saturday from 10:00 to 1:00, and to all the participants in this year’s Science Fair I say, “Well done!”

Looking into the Elementary School!

Dear Newton’s Grove Families,

Self-esteem and individuality are cornerstones of Newton’s Grove. Having been with the school since 1983, first as a teacher and now as a principal, I have seen many changes over the years, but the school’s affirmation of these qualities has not wavered. Looking forward to our new home, I am really excited that we will be able to take all aspects of our program to a higher level. Our new facility will enable us to tap into technology more effectively, to build upon our already sound academic program, and enhance it even further. Our beautiful new building, and the green space surrounding it, will ensure a healthy environment in which our students can thrive in the arts and athletics. A Resource Centre and library in which to read, research and study will provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to pursue their love of learning. 

I know our dedicated and caring teachers will continue to work hard to provide our students with outstanding programming. Building on the structure and routines that have been so successful for us in the past, I am confident that our new facility will enable students to achieve even more. Our diverse, well rounded program will continue to challenge students to strive for their personal best in academics, athletics, the arts and technology. Equally important, our spirit of community encourages our students to be caring and committed citizens.


Mrs. Dix and the Elementary School

Volleyball with the Humber Hawks!

The Senior Girls Volleyball team had an amazing visit to Humber College on Wednesday, February 17th, where they were able to learn about Humber College and its facilities as well as absorb some striking motivation for the remainder of the season. 

Congratulations Emily on winning the Serve-For-Swag competition! 

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Laura Collie! Laura is in grade twelve, and her short story, “The Wall,” has been chosen as the Grand Prize winner in the high school category for the Alpha Textbooks Short Story Contest. Contestants were asked to write a 750 word story on the theme of “Out of Time.” According to Alpha Textbooks, “the judges were impressed with the depth, complexity and creativity of [her] narrative.” Laura’s prize package includes publication in the Claremont Review, four passes to the AGO, and two ROM passes. The editors of theClaremont Review have generously offered their mentorship to Laura as they prepare her story for the Fall issue of tCR. We are all looking forward to reading it!

Looking ahead in Student Services!

Dear Newton’s Grove Families,

Education is boundless in its potential to impact one's life beyond the walls of any institution, and as a former student of Newton’s Grove I have experienced that impact directly. I believe that educators have the challenging and unique opportunity to educate students in preparation for their future academic pursuits, while nurturing, encouraging and challenging the whole individual. Returning to Newton's Grove as an educator has therefore seemed natural, since the school aligns directly with my personal philosophy on holistic education. 

As Newton's Grove looks to the future, I will continue to innovate, connect, create and design education to meet the needs of every student. My goal is to ensure that each of them has the opportunity to ignite and explore their passion for education. That goal will guide me as I step into new roles within the school. I have been fortunate to be part of our dynamic and excellent math and science programs, and I am certainly excited about the new possibilities for growth in both of these demanding disciplines. I will continue to have classes, but I will be splitting my teaching time with work in both Student Services and front-office administration. As we grow in our partnership with SMASH, there will be more demands placed upon Mr. Zero, and I will be supporting him in his guidance responsibilities. As a student services advisor, I will be able to assist students in course selection, university applications, as well as providing support as they work through a challenging curriculum. This role will call upon my unique background as both a student and teacher of Newton’s Grove, and my experience should help students navigate their individual paths to post-secondary success.

I also will be providing front-office support as we move into our new facilities. This position may seem unglamorous, but anyone who has had to call upon Beatrice’s assistance (and I think that is all of us) can appreciate how important this role is. I am looking forward to playing an active part in the school administration, and I am dedicated to making Newton’s Grove an efficient and welcoming home for our community. 

Ms. Hart and Student Services

Cruisin Photos!

Highlights from Cruisin'!

Looking ahead in Technology!

Dear Newton’s Grove Families,

I have always thought that ours is a school that transcends mere brick and mortar, precisely for the reason that we are a school that cares, a community in the truest sense. The floorplans and drawings I have seen of our new, state-of-the-art facility, nevertheless, have me excited for the future, and especially for the possibility of expanding our programs in technology and technological design.

Technology and its impact on society has been a teaching interest of mine through the years. We live in an increasingly technologically dependent world, one in which an aptitude for technology and technological skills are valued. In my humanities courses, which include Geography, Philosophy, and Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, we discuss at length the impact of technology on society, the environment and the future. My courses in Video and Movie Production emphasize the technological aspects of special effects production. Students have the opportunity to produce Hollywood-style effects, the production of which involve a high level of engineering/technical skill, as well as a creative mind. The new school will afford us the room to develop larger scale production sets, including making use of larger green screens and the latest software. We will also have the space to expand our growing robotics program, and this will allow our students to design, develop and program robots for the purpose of competitions. It is very exciting to witness our students becoming hands-on problem solvers and creators!

By next year, we will have the kind of facility that will allow our community to grow and prosper in our ongoing commitment to bring the very best education possible to your children.

Dr. Hough and the Newton’s Grove Technological Programs

A look into Newton's Grove Financial Management

Dear Newton’s Grove Families,

I am one of the newer members of the school administration team, and I have to say what a rewarding experience it has been joining the school at this exciting time. I have worked extensively with private schools and charitable organisations in the past, but none have had the sense of community and openness that characterizes Newton’s Grove. My role in many ways is behind the scenes, overseeing financial records and maintaining fiscal responsibility, and yet I value the time I get to spend with our families. Looking ahead, I hope that I have an opportunity to get to know all of you better.

Investing in your child’s education is an act of faith. There are no immediate financial returns and the cost of several years’ worth of tuition often requires sacrifices on the part of the family. However, I believe this investment is one of the most selfless acts parents can do, and it a statement of hope for their children. The benefits of an education at Newton’s Grove are both intrinsic and long-term, and I know our students are receiving the means for future success on many levels. As we move into our new premises, I look forward to working closely with the development team to ensure our new campus has a solid financial foundation. Like our school, I am looking to grow here.


Mrs. Mathura and Newton’s Grove Financial Management

We are the Champions! AGAIN!

We are very proud to share that the Newton's Grove Intermidate Girls are tournament champions! Way to go, Knights!

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