Newton’s Grove School news: March 2016

New York 2016: Day 2

New York City continues to deliver for the young minds of Newton's Grove, challenging their artistry at a Broadway workshop, their historic knowledge during strolls through Central Park and the MET, and lastly but certainly not least students were highly entertained while watching Jersey Boys.

New York 2016: Day 1

Newton's Grove has arrived safe and sound in New York City. Students are excited for the sites and sounds to come as they anticipate fantastic adventures, site seeing, activities and learning.

A look into Kindergarten!

Dear Newton’s Grove Families,

My mother was one of the first teachers hired by the school’s founder, Dianne Proctor, back in the late 1970s. Both my brother and I went through all of our primary and secondary education here, and my daughter, Alexandra, is part of this year’s graduating class. It is safe to say I have been immersed in Newton’s Grove all of my life. I believe that is why I am so committed to the school and its programs, and why I feel so fortunate to be the one guiding our youngest students into our school community.

I have seen many changes over the years, and I am eagerly anticipating our school’s next evolution. Our Kindergarten students will have access to many amazing facilities in our new school, but I am most excited about the opportunity to incorporate outdoor learning experiences into our program. Children love to play and explore in nature, and what better place to do that than Wildwood Park! Access to green space is what so many city children lack, and our new location offers countless possibilities for incorporating the outdoors into the Kindergarten curriculum. Whether it’s reading under a big tree, collecting and counting leaves, or simply playing outside, our kindergartners will have all the benefits of a close relationship with the natural world. 

I’m definitely looking forward to moving into a large bright classroom designed for our smallest school members. Classroom sinks and extra storage space will be very useful additions to our new rooms, as will be on-site washrooms. Having a washroom inside the classroom is safer for the children and allows for fewer disruptions to the daily routine. I envision children exploring, observing, questioning, and learning in our new space, and I see them as benefitting directly from our new environment.


Kim Marnell and the Kindergarten Program at Newton’s Grove

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