Newton’s Grove School news: November 2016

Under 14 volleyball CHAMPIONS

Congratulations is in order for our under 14 volleyball CHAMPIONS! 

Congratulations Newton's Grove on a fantastic tournament; your teamwork, sportsmanship and skills were noteworthy. And thank you to our coaches, whose dedication to this team was instrumental to their development and success as athletes. 

Newton's Grove celebrates every student and empowers them all to achieve their personal best. Congratulations once more to Newton's Grove under 14 volleyball champions! Well done!

2017 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall Finalist

Newton’s Grove School is so proud to share that, Ciaran Sullivan Warr, one of our Grade 11 students has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall. 

This student was selected from a host of student auditions from 49 US States, Guam, two provinces of Canada, Australia, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, and South Korea. Even more so than in the past, this year’s Selection Board was very impressed by the number and quality of applicants. 

We are so proud of you! Congratulations, you are an extremely talented musician.

Technology integration through literature curriculum

Newton's Grove educates the whole child and ensures that every student has the opportunity and skills to achieve their personal best.

In the Junior Division's literature classes students have been using text mapping to help them identify various features within non-fiction writing. These features include titles, headings, captions, photos, vocabulary and main ideas.

In mathematics combinations of innovative and traditional teaching are being utilized to solidify understanding of both fundamental and abstract mathematical concepts. 

Have a look...

Mastery of the fundamentals and the scientific method

Newton’s Grove School provides students with a well rounded curriculum that challenges students to achieve their personal best at a level that exceeds Ministry of Education guidelines. Our Secondary School Science curriculum provides a challenging, structured, skill-based program that emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, analysis, and mastery of the fundamentals.

Junior Production: Rock N' Roll

Newton’s Grove School has an amazing group of students who demonstrate their personal best through a variety of artistic and empowering opportunities. Have a look at the pictures of our most recent Junior Production.

Newton's Grove and Exploratory Learning

Newton's Grove School builds every child into their personal best. To ensure this happens, the curriculum must reach every student. Educators at Newtons Grove deliver curriculum using both traditional and innovative methodologies. Have a look at the pictures that demonstrate how education is made accessible to all. Here, students in the Intermediate division took on different roles within biotic and abiotic ecosystems in their Science classes. They then explored how changes affect the different members within the system.

Newton's Grove School's Primary Division Reading Buddies

Newton’s Grove School’s Primary Division Reading Buddies 

Newton’s Grove School has built a community of support within and beyond its walls. One of the key elements that assists our students achieve their very best is to empower them to utilize and build upon their strengths. With that, have a look at the reading buddies that have been paired up in the Primary Division. These pictures highlight just one of the many sessions where Grade 2 students develop their personal best while assisting the Senior Kindergarten students do the same. Newton’s Grove is building a student body that strives towards excellence, high academic achievement, and a strong sense of responsibility and community.

Crawford Lake!

Newton’s Grove School supports student learning and understanding of their natural and historical environments through both classroom and experiential learning. Our grade 4 and 5 classes recently visited Crawford Lake to do just that. Have a look as Newton’s Grove’s students enhanced the knowledge learnt in class with hands on exploration and inquiry.

Lest We Forget- Remembrance Day 2016

Lest We Forget

Newton's Grove School commemorates the heroes that sacrificed so much for so many.

Progress on Newton's Grove's new home continues and the excitement is building!

Progress on Newton's Grove's new home continues and the excitement is building! Have a look at some of the recent progress!

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