Newton’s Grove School news: February 2017

Newton's Grove celebrates Pancake Day!

Newton’s Grove celebrate Pancake Day! 

Today, our youngest students had the opportunity to celebrate pancake day in their classrooms. Newton’s Grove provides students with opportunities to gain independence and develop life long skills in engaging ways. Have a look at how some of our youngest celebrated the day. 

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Science Fair at Newton's Grove!

Science Fair is an extremely engaging and challenging time of year at Newton’s Grove, as student combine the scientific method with their personal areas of interest.

Newton’s Grove believes in educating and inspiring every student to become their personal best. This means that we encourage and support students in their interests while challenging them academically to nuture their creative minds.

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Newton's Grove at the Ontario Science Centre!

Newton’s Grove ensures that academic programming is enriched with engaging exploratory learning activities. Today, our Primary Division students visited the Science Centre and were afforded the opportunity to engage in both instructor led workshops and exploratory exhibits. 
We work to engage every student to assist them achieve their personal best. 

Kids Grow Here 

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Science Exhibition at Newton's Grove

Newton's Grove believes that inspiring students to become their personal best includes challenging them to go beyond what they believe their current capabilities are and providing them with the supports they need to succeed. 

Based on the principles of nurturing creative and inquisitive minds, Newton's Grove has continued with tradition of the annual Science Fair. The Science Fair involves students from our Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions designing, conducting and analyzing various scientific principles. Students must complete all aspects of the Scientific Method and present this to their teacher and peers in in class presentations. From there, a subset of students are selected to participate in grade level competitions, where their knowledge of the scientific method and theory of choice is tested. 

We will be showcasing our phenomenal Science Fair! Stay tuned and join us on March 4th at our Open House to get a first hand look at our student products. 

Happy Flag Day from Newton's Grove School!

Primary Division students celebrated the National Flag Day of Canada! Students were challenged to create their own Canadian flags and explain why they love Canada. Have a look at what some of our student came up with. #education

Happy Flag Day everyone!

Look at the walls of our new home!

Look at the walls!

This is a very exciting time for Newton’s Grove; we are entering our 40th year of providing excellent quality education to students from JK to grade 12 and preparing for relocation into a state-of-the-art learning and athletic facility. 

Have a look at the pictures of Goreway’s progress! Look at the walls!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Newton’s Grove is inspiring a sense of community throughout the school by encouraging collaborative activities that cross multiple divisions.

Enhancing Elementary Physical Education Programming with Ice Skating

Newton’s Grove strives to ensure that every student is exposed to a variety of academic, athletic and artistic experiences. Every year the Primary and Junior Divisions participate in a variety of physical activities as a division. 

One of these activities includes ice skating. Students have the opportunity to participate in group skating lessons as well as free skate. This provides students with opportunities to develop a love for a variety of physical activities. This skating season has now wrapped up… have a look as the students enjoy the physical activities with their friends. #education 

Newton's Grove is the Zone Champion for the University of Waterloo's Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contest

Newton’s Grove School challenges and equips every student with the ability to achieve their personal best. This includes challenging students academically, athletically and artistically. With that, at the end of this past calendar year, Newton’s Grove participated in the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contest. 

Our school performed exceptionally well, in fact, we are the Zone Champions! This means that our school is ranked the highest of all schools participating in the contest in our zone. Zone Champions are determined by combining the top 5 student scores. In addition to being Zone Champions many of our student participants also received Certificates of Distinction. 

Below, you will find the results of the contest. 

Recipients of Certificates of Distinction in our Intermediate and Senior Divisions: Catherine, Cassie, Summer, Tim, Sunny, Matthew and Colleen 

Intermediate School Champion: Catherine
Senior School Champion: Coleen 

The curriculum at Newton’s Grove not only prepares students for exceptional performance in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines but it enriches this curriculum by creating and supporting analytical and creative minds. 


100 Days of School!

The school year always goes by so quickly and today we are celebrating the 100th day of school! 

Happy 100 days everyone! Have a look at some of the activities that our Primary Division completed today! Some of these activities included counting by 10s to 100, building towers of 100 blocks, creating 100 cheerio necklaces and more! At Newton’s Grove we always strive to foster a love of learning in every child.


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