Newton’s Grove School news: March 2017

Newton's Grove embraces technology in the classroom!

With the prevalence of technology in everything we do Newton’s Grove wants to ensure that their students don’t lose sight of the human element in everything we do. 

With that, Newton’s Grove’s grade 4 and 5 classes journeyed to the Apple Store to use technology to create PSAs on kindness through iMovie. 

We are cultivating an environment that builds and supports the whole child. 

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Newton's Grove's Senior Production of 'An Excellent Adventure'!

Newton's Grove School celebrates and supports the whole child and provides all students with opportunities to experience and excel in a number of activities and events that facilitate their development in different ways. Newton's Grove is synonymous with high standards in academics, athletics and the arts and with that we highlight student achievements in all areas. 

This year, our spectacular Dramatic Arts students, in the Senior and Intermediate divisions, spent months rehearsing for our most recent production of "An Excellent Adventure". This fun, high energy comedy had something in it for everyone. From inter-dimensional time travel to live rap, our cast of exceptionally creative actors did not disappoint! This truly was an ensemble effort and we would like to thank the cast and crew for a job well done. Once again, Newton's Grove artists rose to the occasion and wowed their audience! 

Check out the progress on our new home!

Welcome back to school Newton’s Grove! We hope you had a restful and rejuvenating break. 

As we spring into a new season, we would like to show you some of the new developments at our new location. Have a look! 

Newton' Grove Musical Performance Exchange Trip 2017 in Cuba

Newton's Grove's music program recently went to Cuba for a musical enrichment program. Welcome back in Toronto musicians! 

While away, students were immersed in the Cuban culture; they had opportunities to perform, laugh and dance with their new found friends along the way. Students visited Havana, enjoyed the Cuban sun, performed with students from the Cuban Arts University, received dance lessons, and visited local cultural centres.

Newton's Grove provides opportunities for every student to explore their talents and passions in new and engaging ways. We provide every student with the support, opportunities and resources they need to achieve their personal best. 

Kids Grow Here. 

Have a look at the pictures!

Mad Science at Newton's Grove!

Newton’s Grove always looks for ways to enhance the curriculum and ensure that every student has the opportunity to connect with the learning content.

Recently, the grade 4 class participated in a Mad Science workshop to enhance the Rocks and Minerals science unit. During this activity students mined for gems, learned about the Earth’s core and created volcanos. 

Kids Grow Here 
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Structures in the Elementary Division!

At Newton’s Grove, we want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to solidify their understanding of concepts taught. With that, many lessons are supplemented with a hands-on approach to learning. 

Here, our grade 2 class built 3D structures! They took a closer look at the number of faces, vertices and edges of each structure to take their understanding of structures to another level. 

Newton’s Grove supports every child as they become their personal best.
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Kids Grow Here

Newton's Grove is SSAF Volleyball Champions!

Congratulations to our U20 girls volleyball team! They are the SSAF champions!!! Congratulations ladies, your early morning practices and hard work definately paid off. Your coaches and our entire Newton's Grove community is proud of you. 


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Newton's Grove visited Milton's Mattamy National Cycling Centre

Newton's Grove educates students on the importance of physical education. However, we don't just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk... or cycle...

Recently, Newton's Grove visited Milton's Mattamy National Cycling Centre to expose students to some physical activity options during the coldest months of the year. At Velodrome students participated in indoor cycling and had a phenomenal time. 

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Science Fair at Newton's Grove!

The Science Fair continues at Newton’s Grove with the accurate use of the scientific method and the creativity to bring science to life. Our students not only demonstrate and communicate their knowledge of the scientific method and the theories that underscore their experiments but they do it all with a love for science. 

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