Newton’s Grove School news: April 2017

Things are looking good at our new home!

Our new home!

Have a look at a few photos of our new home! Progress is moving quickly and excitement continues to grow!

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Newton's Grove first Spring Social!

This year, Newton’s Grove is celebrating 40 years of excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. A great deal may have changed since you were last here, and we would love to reconnect with you. We want to hear your stories and invite you to share in our anniversary celebrations and our move to a new campus. We began last year with our Groundbreaking Ceremony, Canada Day celebrations, and the Paul Coffey Park dedication ceremony. We have many more events planned for this year that we hope you can be a part of.

Our next event is the Spring Social Fundraiser on the evening of Thursday May 11th at the Crooked Cue in Etobicoke. We hope to renew old acquaintances and begin raising funds and awareness of our upcoming events. Attached, you will find more information about the evening itself, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing tickets. We would be delighted to see you there! Contact the school by phone at 416-745-1328 or via email at for tickets!

We will continue to keep you posted on all upcoming events and student successes through our various social media outlets. If you know of anyone we might have lost touch with, please have them add us on Facebook. And please, come by and help us kick-off our celebrations on May 11th! 

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Newton's Grove celebrates Earth Day!

Newton's Grove recently celebrated Earth Day with a number of engaging and reflective activities that make us consider how we're are treating the Earth that gives us so much. 

We are developing global citizens who reflect on their own behaviours and appreciate the world around them. Have a look at the pictures to see how some of our youngest spent the day.

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Exceptionally talented musicians at Newton's Grove!

Newton's Grove School would like to congratulate one of our talented musicians, Emily. Emily recently performed at the 2017 Toronto Kiwanis Festival and she was absolutely outstanding. In fact, Emily was awarded the Walter Sinclair Memorial Scholarship for her exceptional performance. 

Newton's Grove is cultivating excellence in academics, athletics and the arts in every student as they define what success looks like for them. 

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Have a look at this video:

Easter festivities at Newton's Grove!

Welcome back Newton’s Grove! We hope you all had a restful weekend and an opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

Have a look at how some of our youngest started their weekend off. Here, students used maps and worked together to find their Easter surprises. 

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Newton's Grove at the Kortright Centre!

Recently, Newton’s Grove’s Primary Division visited the Kortright Centre where they had opportunities to learn about Indigenous Peoples and Pioneers. They also had the opportunity to learn how sap is made… followed by samples! 

Newton’s Grove provides all students with opportunities to experience hands on activities that facilitate knowledge development and intellectual exploration. 

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Newton's Grove wins big at the University of Toronto Science Fair!

Science Fair at Newton’s Grove! 

Newton’s Grove sent 10 students to the Toronto Science Fair hosted by the University of Toronto. Of the 500 student participants, 3 of our students earned metals! Congratulations go to Mitchell for a Silver Medal for his study of Frequency Sound Absorption, Michael for a Bronze Medal for his study of Natural Copper Cleansers and Michael for a Bronze Medal for his study of Friction. 

Newton’s Grove supports every student achieve their personal best by providing them with the support they need to succeed. 

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Enhancing theoretical knowledge in the classroom through hans-on learning opportunities

Newton’s Grove fundamentally believes in making education accessible to all learners and this means utilzing combinations of collaborative, theoretical and hands-on learning for the solidification of complex tasks and concepts. 

Here, our grade 7 students are using triple beam balances during investigations of masses for both solids and liquids in support of theories discussed. 


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