Newton’s Grove School news: May 2017

Dissections in Science class at Newton's Grove!

Newton's Grove School works to develop inquisitive and curious learners who are always asking questions and have a genuine thrist for knowledge. To accompany a strong theoretical knowledge base, Newton's Grove provides students with plenty of opportunities to put the theories into action through hands on learning. 

Have a look at the pictures for some highlights of the worm dissection conducted by the grade 9 Science class.

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Newton's Grove's Athletic Banquet 2017

Congratulations to all of the wonderfully talented Newton's Grove Knights who were awarded metals and plaques that highlighted some of their athletic achievements! 
Last night, Newton's Grove had the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of its athletes from their sportsmanship to their athleticism. Congratulations once more to the Newton's Grove Knights, your community is supportive and in awe of your talents. 

And welcome back to some of our alumni! We look forward to seeing more of you in the future. 

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Creativity in the learning environment at Newton's Grove

Newton's Grove's teachers works to ensure that every student is not only engaging with their course material but also that each student has a thorough understanding of the materials covered.

At the end of our Grade 6 Electricity Unit, the students made Electricity Quizzes and Games to challenge each other's knowledge in interesting and dynamic ways. 
Have a look at the photos! 
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Newton's Grove Musicians make it to Carnegie Hall!

Newton's Grove's Signature Music Program is developing musicians that perform at the top of their respective categories. We work to ensure that every student is provided with the support they need to achieve their personal best. 

We are so proud of Claudio, Michael, and Connor. Claudio and Michael were accepted into the prestigious Carnegie Honor Performance Series Honour Band in New York City! Connor has been selected as first runner up. Gentlemen, your talent is staggering, and you have made the entire Newton’s Grove community so proud! Bravo!

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Progress on our new home!

Newton's Grove is building a state-of-the-art facility that will further enrich the programming that we currently provide to our students. 

Look at some of the progress on our new home! They are painting!!! Stay tuned for more!

NGS Reads Week!

NGS Reads Week has come to an end! Have a look at how some of our Junior Kindergarten students spent the week. They created masks to represent their favorite characters, participated in reading workshops, and read portions of their favorite stories to their classmates.

Newton’s grow is fostering a life-long love of reading in its students through active engagement with their literature.

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The Spring Social was a fantastic success!

The Spring Social was a fantastic success! Thank you to all those who came out Thursday evening and those who showed their support in spite of their absence. The event was filled with current families, alumni and alumni families.

This was undoubtedly a perfect evening to kick off what will undoubtedly be a year of exciting social and fundraising events! If you were not able to make the event, stay tuned as there will be many more opportunities to support and socialize with your Newton’s Grove community. 

A special thanks goes out to our 40 Year Anniversary Committee for organizing such an amazing evening. 

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Newton's Grove celebrates and supports the pursuits and achievements of every child.

Newton's Grove celebrates and supports the pursuits and achievements of every child. 

We are so proud to announce that two of our students; Manvir and Harshpreet were winners in a Bhangra Competition this past Saturday. The idea behind the organization is to bring Punjabi youth together to introduce them and immerse them in the dance, language and culture of Punjab. This was the 17th Youth Festival. Manvir and Harshpreet took first place in their category of co-ed bhangra team. Congratulations to both!

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Newton's Grove builds on the strengths of every student

Newton's Grove School is an institution that inspires and supports the development and success of every child. We provide students with opportunities for growth in academic, artistic and athletic endeavours. 

Not only does Newton's Grove excel in academics and athletics, but we highlight it through the artistic work of our technology and photography students. Allowing students to develop their strengths & weaknesses, explore their own creativity and feel supported in our community is at the centre of everything we do. 

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Enhancing the Elementary Physical Education Program with Swim Programming

Newton's Grove is dedicated to ensuring that every student is exposed to a variety of academic and athletic activities. With that, our elementary students participate in swimming lessons throughout the Spring where they are provided with lessons from trained instructors. 

Have a look at how our students are developing essential skills through robust physical education programming.

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