Newton’s Grove School news: July 2017

Classroom Control Panels are Finished

Classroom control panels such as these will improve access to audio/visual configurations, the PA system, and electrical outlets. That's why every classroom will be equipped with one!

Welcome Home, Ms. Langer!

Dear Newton’s Grove Community,

We are delighted to announce that Mrs. Shelley Langer has rejoined the Newton’s Grove family and is now part of our leadership team in her new role as Program Co-ordinator. Mrs. Langer taught with us for seven years at the Primary, Intermediate and Senior levels before leaving to start her family. She brings a wealth of experience to her new position as well as a commitment to ensuring that every child is successful.

Before returning to work full time, Mrs. Langer volunteered in a remote community in Swaziland, Africa, helping vulnerable children. Pursuing her passion for public safety, she then attended the Ontario Fire College where she became a certified Fire and Life Safety Educator and a Public Information Officer. She has worked almost eleven years in Fire Prevention, teaching for eight years at The Community Safety Village before joining King Fire and Emergency Services. Mrs. Langer has overseen fire safety campaigns and communications in King township, promoted their social media, been an active safety inspector, and ran an in-school educational program on staying safe. This diverse range of responsibilities has made her ideally suited for the leadership roles she will play at Newton’s Grove.

Mrs. Langer will be working within our Student Success department as a new family liaison, ensuring the successful integration of new students, as well as acting as our Primary/Junior advocate, supporting our youngest students and their families in the first few critical years of education. Across all the grades, she will be overseeing our students with I.E.P.s and directing our ESL/ELL programs. Mrs. Langer’s administrative responsibilities will naturally include safety and accessibility compliance, where she will be invaluable in establishing our new emergency programs and protocols. She will also assist Mrs. Bush in admissions and provide direction in our marketing, promotion and social media. We obviously intend to put Mrs. Langer’s diverse set of skills to varied and good use!

When you have a chance, please introduce yourself to Mrs. Langer. We are certain you will quickly realize why we are so pleased to have this dynamic and positive individual rejoin our faculty.

Mrs. Langer, welcome home!

The Newton’s Grove Leadership Team

After School Music Lessons

We are proud to announce that we will continue to offer music lessons and classes after school in our new building. The school’s new facility includes a new state of the art music room, individual practice rooms, and group learning spaces.  Private and Group music lessons are available for a number of instruments. To register, or for further inquiries, please call 416-745-1328 or email

Summer School Visitors!

Just last week, we welcomed 34 students from China to our summer school program for the day. They spent their time with us doing English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and playing sports. Thank you so much for visiting!

Floors are in!

The floors have been put in at Our Future Home and the finishing touches are underway. Take a look at one of our classrooms below:

The Newton's Grove Team Visits the Site of our Future Home

Members of our Newton’s Grove team visited the site of our future home just last week and were thrilled with the continued progress being made. Panels are now being installed in all of the classrooms that will house the PA communication system, computer drops, clocks, and electrical outlets.

Newton's Grove in Cuba Campaign

For the past four years, our music department has taken students to Cuba to learn from and experience the local culture through music. Click the link to watch some of the best moments from this year’s trip:

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