Newton’s Grove School news: April 2018

Guest lecturer visits Gr. 12 Biology class

Mrs. Suzanne Advani was a guest lecturer for the grade 12 Biology class today.  She is an Histologist working in the Diabetes Complications Lab as a Research Technician at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.  

The Biology class has just completed their studies in Homeostasis, during which they studied the kidney and related disorders.  The students today studied dry mount slides of Rat Kidneys treated with medications for a condition called Glomerulosclerosis.  

The results of this study was published on June 13th, 2017, and can be read at the following link:

Thank you very much Mrs. Advani for providing us a such a valuable real-life experience!  

Arts and Music Night

Arts and Music Night was an amazing event. Bravo to all of the talented musicians that performed. Your hard work and talent is inspiring. Congratulations to Ciaran Sullivan Warr on receiving the Graydon Foster Scholarship. Thank you to our Music Director, Mr. Alonso. What a phenomenal evening!

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