Life at Newton’s Grove School

We believe social interaction is just as important as academics. That’s why we offer a variety of socially focused classes and activities to suit a diversity of interests.


Our extensive Athletics program provides an essential balance to our rigorous academics. We are a founding member of the Private Schools Athletics Association and a member of the Small Schools Athletic Association. With over sixty varsity teams annually, we have produced multiple award-winners in both organizations. We also offer many intra-mural programs at all ages, with the emphasis on fun, teamwork and good sportsmanship. These programs build essential skills and ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate. In all our athletics, we stress the value of training and physical conditioning. Students are not by nature sedentary, and we want to ensure that they incorporate exercise into their daily lives and experience the benefits of sports and physical activity. Our new campus has an ambitious Phase 2. With our main building completed, emphasis is on our gymnasium and athletics center. We have designed a state-of-the-art complex with outstanding equipment and training facilities. Our double gym means that two programs or activities can occur simultaneously, and there is space for elite coaching. Sports and athletics are a key part of our holistic approach to education, and our new facilities mean we can challenge and encourage our students physically as well as academically.


Our signature music program showcases the creative abilities of our students. Primary students learn to read music and are taught choral and solo singing. In grade four, students enter our instrumental band program and begun the mastery of their chosen instrument. The discipline and demands of playing reinforce the benefits of hard work and practice. By the time students are Intermediates they may be selected for our Enriched program, and even earn a Reach Ahead credit in grade nine music. In high school, students may join our Jazz Band, select ensembles and take courses in Advanced Musicianship. One of the highlights of our school year is our annual Arts and Music Night. Our school bands, choirs and soloists perform at a level far beyond what one would expect from musicians so young. It is no wonder that our students have successfully auditioned for the Etobicoke High School Band, the Ontario Honour Band and even Carnegie Hall.


Our arts program is designed to stimulate creative potential by engaging our students’ imaginations. From the youngest grades, visual arts encourages students to look at the world in new ways. Students are taught the fundamentals of drawing and composition and explore different media. Our new building facilitates this exploration in our impressive art studio. This studio is adjacent to our drama room and stage, which opens to the cafetorium for performances. Drama is a celebrated component of all our divisions, with three annual productions per year. Student talent is displayed on the stage after they have spent countless hours in rehearsal. Drama offers not only a chance to breathe life into a character, it also builds confidence through a wonderfully collaborative effort.

Science & Technology

Our new school is designed to support our commitment to STEM. We have two fully equipped science labs, enabling hands-on experimentation and exploration of natural phenomena. The rigorous application of the scientific method is stressed as we see prepare the scientists of the future. Students from grades three and up participate in our school Science Fair, with winners selected to go to the Toronto Science Fair. It is no surprise that the most popular post-secondary choices of our students are the applied and hard sciences. 

Every one of our classrooms is wired with fiber-optic cables, and monitored wi-fi is available throughout the school. Our robust computer network ensures that we have the capacity to handle multiple-users, and our teachers use this technology creatively in the delivery of their lessons. Our two computer labs give students access to a range of sophisticated software, and they can go beyond their regular computer classes to take courses in robotics, communications technology, business technology, and film and video production. Our system and IT network is designed for growth, and we have the capacity to challenge and support our students as technology continues to evolve.

Clubs: spread their roots

Clubs are designed to enrich school life for your child and foster a lifelong love of learning. That’s why Newton’s Grove School offers extra-curricular clubs and activities that inspire your child to develop his or her personal interests and enhance their social interactions with other people.

We help nurture three student councils: one each for the Primary/Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions. The respective student body elects the members of each Student Council every fall. Over the years, events have included fundraising for foster children, food drives for local food banks, and social activities such as barbecues and dances.

  • Art clubs
  • Chess clubs
  • Drama clubs
  • French clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Science clubs
  • Healthy cooking club
  • Games club
  • Lego club
  • Student-run Charity Association
  • Music committee
  • Jazz band
  • Photography club
  • Yoga
  • Dance