A Newton’s Grove School education

At Newton’s Grove School, our goal is to prepare students for life in the real world. We offer a well-rounded curriculum and small class sizes to bring out the best in every student.

Kindergarten Program

Our full-day program includes daily lessons in language, mathematics and theme studies, plus French, Physical Education and Computer classes under the guidance of specialist teachers. Download the complete Newton’s Grove School program and course description.

Download Kindergarten Guidebook

Primary Division

Teachers focus on the needs of students as individuals, enabling them to develop skills at their own pace, while providing a stimulating program that meets or exceeds the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum at each grade level. Download the complete Newton’s Grove School program and course description.

Download Primary Guidebook

Junior Division

Our program in grades three to six both expands and builds upon the foundation established in the earlier grades.

Download Junior Guidebook

Intermediate Division

Grades seven and eight are truly transitional as students are prepared for the demands of high school.

Download Intermediate Guidebook

Senior Division

The main goal of these years is clear: to enable our students to pursue their passion in the post-secondary program of their choice.

Download Senior Guidebook

Newton's Grove School Accessibility Policy

Newton's Grove School endeavours to provide education to all students and explains its ability to do so in the attached documentation.

Newton's Grove Tutoring

We have always believed in educating the whole student. Now, Newton’s Grove Tutoring offers your child a chance to grow in the area he or she most wishes or needs. Our academic program is available to students in all grades, across a number of courses. Our musical enrichment sessions are designed to enhance your child’s playing and performing. We offer both group and individual tutoring at times convenient for you. We know that our programs will build the skills and confidence that students need for success. 

Helping your child to grow

Other information: nurturing the best in academic and extracurricular life

Academic achievement is important. So are a student’s behaviour, appearance and social acumen. We help prepare your children for life beyond school by setting firm guidelines for homework, a dress code, mastery in technology, literacy and numeracy, and so much more.