Past, present, and future

There's so much to celebrate at Newton's Grove

Newton's Grove has been setting young people up for success—in the classroom, and in life—for over forty years.

Founded in 1977, we were the first private school in Mississauga, known then as Mississauga Private School. In the years since, we have established a reputation for exceptional teaching, outstanding university placement, and a progressive inquiry-based approach to learning that produces the highest results across academics, athletics, and the arts.

Our new home at 6850 Goreway is a shining new chapter in our rich history. It has been designed to support our deep-rooted commitment to STEAM. It features fully-equipped science and computer labs, visual and dramatic arts rooms, a Learning Commons, and a music room and studio. Our legacy and commitment to developing the whole child grows on.

Our curriculum is ever-evolving; our values remain unchanged

We continually adapt and enrich our programs with cutting-edge software, the latest technology, and relevant skills and subject matter that will give our students an advantage. What hasn't changed is our dedication to fostering the values of Reason, Respect, and Responsibility at every stage of a child's development. Here's why.


To think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic. Our inquiry-based programs emphasize reason, critical thinking, and creative approaches. We challenge our students to take intellectual risks and encourage students to apply their knowledge in original ways. The result: creative students who think for themselves.


Our community of students, teachers and parents is built upon this fundamental value. We strive to ensure every interaction stems from a foundation of fairness, understanding, courtesy, and kindness. Every member of our community is valued, and we celebrate our rich diversity in race, culture, and religion.


When you demonstrate responsibility for yourself as well as for those around you, then you have embraced the most essential quality of leadership. We teach our students to practice this value daily—to be accountable for their own choices and actions, while also serving as advocates for others.