Every body and mind benefits from Athletics at Newton's Grove

Athletics are an integral part of every student's experience at Newton's Grove—and the benefits run far beyond physical activity. Athletics can boost self-esteem, reduce pressure and stress, and motivate children to excel academically. They also help kids develop essential life skills such as teamwork, goal-setting, discipline, problem-solving and good sportsmanship.

Our wide range of varsity teams and intra-mural programs ensure every student gets a chance to participate, train, and compete at a level that encourages and challenges them. Track and field, floor and ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, bowling, cricket, curling, ice skating, ultimate frisbee, swimming lessons, yoga, dance club—the athletics program at Newton's Grove includes these activities and more. We aim to introduce students to a variety of activities and provide an athletic experience as rich and varied as our academic programming.

Leaders on the field become leaders in life

Newton's Grove is a founding member of the Private Schools Athletics Association, and a member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation. With over sixty varsity teams annually, we've coached our young athletes to multiple championships in both organizations.

Whether your child is passionate about competing, or prefers to play for the fun of it, they will be encouraged to challenge themselves and build their skills at their own pace. Our ultimate goal with athletics is to inspire students to incorporate movement into their daily life, and develop a love of physical activity from an early age.

Budding athletes need room to grow

Construction of our new gymnasium and Athletics Center is currently underway and will take our athletics program to the next level. We have designed a state-of-the-art complex with outstanding equipment and training facilities—including a double gym that will allow us to host games and tournaments and offer multiple programs, training, and elite coaching. Sports and athletics are a key part of our holistic approach to education, and our new facilities will allow us to challenge our students as rigorously on the court as we do in the classroom.

In addition to our new Athletics Center, our campus is steps away from Paul Coffey Arena and surrounded by Paul Coffey Park, which provides over 100 acres of green space, fields, trails and playgrounds. Our students love that nature hikes, field studies, and a wide range of outdoor and indoor athletic activities are all part of our diverse programming.