It's good to get involved

Social interaction and activities play an important role in a child's development. By playing, creating, and exploring their interests with other children, students learn to share, set boundaries, and problem solve—skills that will help them succeed throughout life.

Participating in clubs can help students develop their sense of self, as well as empathy for others. We offer a variety of socially-focused clubs, and an engaged Student Council, to inspire students to get involved and grow their interests alongside their peers.

Join the club

Extra-curricular clubs at Newton's Grove offer students the opportunity to explore personal interests, try new things, and interact with each other outside the classroom.

We provide a range of age-appropriate activities throughout the school year, allowing students to participate in a number of different clubs. Some are academically-oriented, such as the Math, Science, Robotics, and Spelling clubs, while others are aimed at creative expression and fun, such as the Lego, Games and All About Pets clubs.

Participation is voluntary, but we're passionate about encouraging students to take advantage of these opportunities and welcome new experiences.

Student-Run Councils

Learning to lead, by leading

Newton’s Grove puts an emphasis on leadership and community service, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the work of our student-run councils.

Our senior Student Council, elected by the students, plans special events including annual semi-formals and trips. Our charitable association W.I.N.G.S. does important work raising money and increasing awareness of pressing issues. Events organized by this council include a food and toy drive for a local women’s shelter, fundraising for cancer research, and active support for disaster relief.

Students also love our Environmental council, the Athletic council which plans sports events and prepares our annual Athletic Banquet, our Music committee and Prom committee. These councils and committees provide senior students with opportunities to make a difference in their school and local community, and to grow as leaders and responsible citizens.

Students thrive with community behind them

It takes a vibrant community to raise a whole, well-rounded, and confident young person.

We approach education as a partnership between student, teacher, parent, and a dedicated Leadership Team. Parents of our students are passionate, invested, and involved. They have high expectations for the quality of education their children receive, and we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Collaboration is at the core of all we do. When students feel supported from all sides, they learn to effect change.