To master music is to master yourself

Grounded in the belief that learning music boosts and strengthens learning in other subjects, our signature Music Program is our commitment to developing the whole child, in action.

Early childhood is a period of rapid development, and the benefits of learning, playing, and growing to love music are endless. It stimulates multiple senses and challenges students to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. Memory, concentration, spatial intelligence and thinking skills have all been proven to improve through participation in musical experiences.

Most importantly, music is fun! Anyone who experiences music, especially playing and performing, gains a better understanding of themself and the world, while exploring a form of expression that crosses languages and cultures.

Bright minds love music

Music at Newton's Grove engages and excites the music-lover in every student, at every stage of their education.

At the Primary level, students learn to read music and are taught choral and solo singing. Research shows that playing and listening to music before the age of seven significantly affects parts of the brain related to planning and motor skills. Research also shows that the earlier a child is exposed to music, the more effectively their brain will respond to stimuli. So, we start instilling a love of music as early as possible.

Students in Grades 1 through 4 begin to develop instrumental music skills by learning to play the recorder. In Grade 5, students enter our Wind Instrumental Band Program and begin mastering their instrument of choice. The discipline and demands of playing reinforce the benefits of hard work and practice—benefits that find their way into other subjects and fields of study.

By the time students reach our Intermediate division, they may be selected for our Enriched Music Program, and even earn a Reach Ahead credit in Grade 9 music. In high school, students can choose from courses in Advanced Musicianship and AP Music Theory and join our Jazz Band or select ensembles.

A new home for our harmonies

Newton's Grove bands, choirs and soloists perform at a level far beyond what you'd expect from such young musicians. Our students have successfully auditioned for the Provincial Honour Band, the National Youth Band of Canada and even Carnegie Hall—successes which can all be tracked back to dedication, hard work, and well-nurtured natural talent. Each year, we celebrate our students and their spectacular achievements at our Arts and Music Night, held at The Mississauga Living Arts Centre.