Because all the world's a stage

Our Dramatic Arts Program challenges students to venture outside of comfort zones, flex their dramatic muscles, breathe life into different characters and build confidence through collaborative exercises.

Our commitment to drama is reflected in our three annual dramatic productions, which showcase our students’ talents across all our grades. Depending on their grade level, students of our Drama program can expect to move their body, find their voice, and develop skills for self-expression. They will learn the power of body language and explore dramatic forms and techniques using material from a wide range of genres, cultures and time periods. Students will use the elements of drama to examine situations and issues that arise in their own lives and create, perform, discuss, and analyze drama. Reflecting on these experiences helps them develop an understanding of themselves, the art form, and the world around them. As they mature as dramatists, they will assume responsibility for decisions made in creative and collaborative processes.  As Seniors, they will research various acting styles and conventions that could be used in performance and life.

Visual Arts

The Arts are an integral part of our commitment to developing well-rounded students. Arts programming at Newton's Grove fosters exploration and self-expression, as well as individual and collective growth.

Our Visual Arts program inspires students to look at the world in exciting new ways, experiment with a variety of media, and develop their own original ideas.

In the earlier grades, students of our Visual Arts program can express themselves creatively in a nurturing environment while participating in arts and craft activities which develop fine motor skills. As they move through the program, students will learn elements and principles of design, developing drawing skills stressing perspective and proportion. When they are Intermediates, students will explore sculpture and three-dimensional construction. By the time they reach high school, our students will have experimented with a variety of media including water colour, oil, acrylic, charcoal, clay and papier mâché, and worked with thematic approaches that align visual arts with other units of study. We believe that our Visual Arts program teaches our students the skills they need while fostering the creativity that will be a lifelong asset in whatever field they pursue.

More space for our students to shine

Students of our Arts programs soar to even greater heights in our new home, with more room to spread their wings and shine. Our new building is equipped with an impressive art studio and a drama room and stage that opens up to the cafetorium, facilitating more of the exciting performances our community loves.

Beyond the school itself, Paul Coffey Park, the incredible 100-acre green space which surrounds our campus, provides further creative inspiration and encourages students to connect with nature and themselves. Three dramatic productions a year, held at The Etobicoke Assembly Hall, allow students to perform with their peers, showcase their skills and celebrate with friends, family and faculty.