Meet the Director

Building a culture of excellence is the role of the school’s Director, Gabrielle Bush. For almost thirty years, Mrs. Bush has been dedicated to the growth and development of Newton’s Grove. As a veteran teacher, guidance counselor, department head and principal, she has invested her career in helping students achieve success. Now, as Director, Mrs. Bush guides a team of exceptional school leaders. The team shares Mrs. Bush’s belief that for students to thrive, they must be fully engaged. That is why Mrs. Bush ensures that students at all levels are challenged to grow in a nurturing environment, one which encourages creativity and independent thinking while instilling the skills necessary for success.

Gabrielle Bush

Dr. Glenn Zederayko

Meet the Head of School

At Newton's Grove, we inspire our students to thrive in a caring, close-knit school community, with highly effective teachers and fully engaged parents. Here, they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve fulfilling careers, while making a positive difference in the world.

Together, we can ensure our school provides the exceptional teaching, guidance, inspiration, love of learning, leadership, and dedication which have been our hallmark for over 40 years.

Dr. Glenn Zederayko

Head of School