Remembrance Day: A Message From The Principal

We invite members of our community to join us in our Remembrance Day ceremony. The ceremony will begin at 10:30 on Wednesday. November 11th, and you can join us online through Zoom at

At Newton’s Grove, we have made it our practice to set aside time on November 11th for the whole school to pause and consider the significance of Remembrance Day. Unlike most special occasions, this one is not a celebration. Remembrance Day is a sombre reminder of the horror of war, the cost in human suffering of historical conflicts, and the debt we owe to those who sacrificed their lives in these causes. Most importantly, it is a call to see the ongoing face of war in our world, and to teach a new generation that taking up arms should be the last resort in resolving any conflict.

Traditionally, we have had assemblies on the morning of November 11th, tailored to the age of our students. The senior Student Council distributes poppies, provided by our local Legion. Mr. Alonso’s music students play moving pieces, always ending in Taps, and Mrs. Hewitt’s directs students in the reading of poems and passages. This year, despite the challenges posed by social distancing and the pandemic, will be no different. Through Edsby, and by opening all our classroom doors, we will both see and hear our student performers, and our Remembrance Day ceremony will proceed as usual. At 11:00 a.m., the school will hold a moment of silence. That moment is both a tribute and a reflection. Although brief, it provides an opportunity for teachers to share the significance of this day. Teachers engage their students in discussions of why we choose this day, and what it means to all of us. At Newton’s Grove, we promise to educate the whole student, and teaching the horrors of war and the honour of service and sacrifice are part of that education