Online learning

Rocking it at Online Learning

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And if classes must be online, rock it!

Our teachers are working extra hard to make our online classes engaging and effective for the students. We are discovering and designing new ways to keep the lessons creative and fun! Here are some of the stories from our online classrooms from the last couple of weeks that tells you how our teachers made online classes full of fun and learning!

Sometimes staying home all day can get boring. Our grade 10 students decided to use their imagination to escape home and got lost in their imaginary greeneries. For their online French class, they paired up and talked about their favourite hobbies in a relaxing landscape of their choice in the background.

Last Friday Grade 10 students began their Human Resource class with a little surprise. Their teacher, Mr. White, told them they are learning how to fold an origami crane. This is something nobody in the class has ever done before. Even with clear instructions, they struggled to make a decent crane out of the papers. Whereas Mr. White did it in less than 2 minutes. This little task taught grade 10 students a valuable lesson on the difficulties of training people in complicated tasks with no experience. Therefore, when hiring candidates those with previous experience are preferred to be hired.

Learning human resources by folding origami! Creative, eh?

At Newton’s Grove School we prepare our students for real-world challenges. Topics such as the impact of free media and fake news are very timely. It is not enough to monitor our children for what content are they being exposed to on different media platforms. Our children must understand why these issues are important so that they make the right decisions for themselves. A screenshot from our Grade 8 classroom where they are learning about media bias and what it means to be persuaded by the media.