We grow further


Additional programs at Newton's Grove push beyond grade-level expectations to ensure our students master the skills, concepts, and practices that will take them further in life. All programming reflects our deep-rooted commitment to STEAM, a strong math and science curriculum that embraces technology and the Arts. We ensure that these elements are present in all our courses and at all levels.

Our International students are a small but valued part of our community. For many students new to the country, language can be a daunting challenge. Our comprehensive ESL programs reflect our dedication to nurturing proficient and confident English speakers. We work closely with our students’ families and guardians to ensure a positive and welcoming experience at Newton’s Grove.

We also offer effective group and individual tutoring to meet the needs of all students, as well as engaging Summer School programs to accelerate students towards achieving their goals.

Flourishing forward with STE(A)M

Applied and hard sciences are the most popular post-secondary program choice for Newton’s Grove students—and that’s a trend we’re determined to keep up.

While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is the more commonly-used acronym, STEAM—which includes the Arts—better reflects our approach at Newton's Grove. STEAM rejects the notion that creativity must stand apart from the sciences. We believe excellence in science, math and coding requires creativity. Similarly, the Arts require precision, practice and a willingness to experiment. We are committed to hands-on learning, and the fostering of curiosity, which is the basis for all growth and new understanding.

These are the reasons why our approach to all fields of study is disciplined, interactive and creative.

Our new science and technology facilities are designed to support our extensive STEAM programming, with two fully-equipped science labs and two new computer labs. Monitored wi-fi is available throughout the school, and teachers use this technology creatively in the delivery of their lessons.

Students have access to a range of sophisticated software and can go beyond their regular computer classes to take courses in robotics, communications technology, business technology, and film and video production. Most importantly, our entire system and IT network is designed for growth—meaning we can adapt, adjust, and continue to engage and challenge our students as technology evolves.

Science fact:

Students from Grades 3 and up participate in our school Science Fair, with winners representing Newton's Grove at the Peel Region Science Fair.

Nurturing new English Learners

The goal of our ESL program is to help learners of the English language develop the skills they need to be proficient and confident with everyday English. From there, students gain proficiency in academic English, allowing them to integrate into the mainstream school program alongside their same-aged peers.

English language learners must essentially catch up with a moving target, since their peers are not standing still in their own learning of language and concepts. Thus, our ESL program is a combination of class time with peers and separate ESL instruction—with our aim being for ESL students to complete the integration into regular classes as soon as possible.

We offer a range of ESL programs from the Junior level through a student's Senior years. Students are taught by qualified ESL instructors, as well as teachers who are trained to be aware of, and sensitive to, the challenges and needs of students who are learning the language.