At Newton’s Grove, we are excited to offer after-school programming and camp programs beginning in 2020. Our goal is to enhance the educational experience of our students through hands-on workshops, developing skills beyond the curriculum.


From Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the Arts, Languages and Physical Education, students of all ages may choose from a variety of enrichment and extended learning courses.

Our goal is to enhance the educational experience of our students by providing hands-on workshops that allow them to explore new opportunities and develop skills beyond the curriculum. That is what REACH programs at Newton’s Grove are all about.

If you are looking for an opportunity to encourage your child in a new direction or wish them to explore a new area of learning, REACH may be the program you are seeking.

REACH Programs

Professional educators provide stimulating exercises, classes and games designed to challenge students academically, socially and athletically, all in a safe environment with an emphasis on personal growth.

REACH Minecraft Coding offers a new spin on the universally popular computer game, and allows kids to extend their knowledge past the game and into the programming ideas behind its design and execution.

REACH Learn to Program in Java is designed to help students bring ideas to life and develop unique products using one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

REACH Math Enrichment program provides a challenging and fun educational environment where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks and stretch math skills beyond the curriculum.

REACH Dance program is designed for beginners to intermediates and builds confidence, physical fitness and body awareness, while encouraging students to creatively express themselves through dance.

REACH March Break Variety Camp is a multi-faceted experience designed to be fun, interactive, educational and entertaining. Activities surround coding, robotics, science tricks, magic, drama, visual arts, graphic design, a variety of sports and more.