Nurturing curiosity to grow skilled thinkers

The Junior Division at Newton’s Grove continues to foster each student's inherent curiosity, while increasing daily responsibilities and homework at a closely-monitored rate. Focus at this stage is on critical thinking, problem-solving, and practicing the independent work habits essential for success in later grades.

Our Junior Program features a well-developed curriculum that incorporates all strands of the Ontario Curriculum for each subject—Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Computer Studies, French, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Physical Health and Education—as well as a wide variety of supplementary resources to enrich all subject areas.

By the end of Grade 6, students are independent thinkers, with the knowledge, skills and work ethic they'll need to thrive through their Intermediate years, and beyond.

Turning up the challenge

There's never a dull moment for students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 at Newton's Grove. With more complex tasks requiring independent thought and effort, a rigorous physical education program, and a dynamic music program that focuses on performance skills, being challenged becomes second nature for our Juniors.

The result? Confident individuals who are capable of taking on any challenge, fearlessly—whether it's applying the Four-Step Problem Solving Model on a math test or performing a solo at our annual Arts and Music Night.