Tutoring at Newton’s Grove helps students to achieve their goals even faster

Many students benefit from extra instruction, or require additional assistance grasping challenging concepts or content. Others want to advance at a faster pace. Whatever a student's unique goals may be, Newton’s Grove can arrange tutoring as  fee for service that provides a student with the opportunity to grow their skills, knowledge, and confidence in the area of their choice.

Academic Tutoring may be arranged for students in all grades, across a range of subjects. Our Musical Enrichment Tutoring Sessions are designed to enhance your child’s playing and performing. The Heads of each Division will work with parents to arrange tutoring that is scheduled at times that are convenient for you and your child. Please contact your child’s Division Head to learn more.

JK and SK students can adjust to full-day schooling and structured activities;

Primary and Junior students can build on their reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, in summer programs that focus on fluency in oral reading, reading comprehension, and mathematics;

Junior, Intermediate and Senior students can enrich their academic, athletic, music, arts, and computer skills, with highly-specialized programs;

Senior students may also wish to earn a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma by taking a High School Credit Course—for example, Grade 11 students can take a Grade 12 course in the summer, to make their course load more manageable the following school year.

For ESL students, our summer Secondary Credit Program fosters the literacy skills they will need to continue their education. And our ESL Immersion and Camp Program focuses on helping students develop, and put into practice, oral and written English skills for conversation and daily needs.