Where are they now: Reshmee Prakash

Reshmee graduated Newton’s Grove School in 2009, and went on to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Science at McMaster University, graduating in 2014. She then completed a Master of Science, Applied Psychology with Counselling Specialization at Lynn University in 2016.

Of her time at Newton’s Grove and the preparation it offered for university and life in general, she says:

“The dedicated attention I received at MPS Etobicoke allowed me to understand the importance of small-scale situations. I performed better within a small group or university setting, and this applies to my professional life as well. The individualized attention allowed me a solid fundamental understanding of the basics of many subjects, how to think, how to complete essays, how to present and how to answer multiple choice etc. And this is largely due to the selection of teachers employed, and their caring and dedication to meet the needs of every student.”

We wish Reshmee much luck in all of her endeavours!

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